Tuesday, February 26, 2019

How The Free Ad System Works

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Hello Everyone,

My name is Len Palmer and I just want to briefly explain how FreeAdSystem.net works.

The Free Ad System works by letting everyone place just ONE AD on the ad board. After your ad expires, you will then get a email letting you know it's time to place a brand new ad.

Just allowing one ad per person gives everyone a fair chance at getting views instead of the spammers getting most of the views.

After placing a free ad or an upgraded ad, you can then change your ad at any time by logging into the members area with your user name and password. You'll also get access to your personal referral link and banners.

When you promote your link and get someone to place an ad using your link, we will bump your ad to the TOP...3 additional times.

Meaning, when your ad expires, it will automatically jump back to the TOP. (For a total of 3 times) No need to look for an expiration email. Plus, you can edit your ad at anytime to promote another program if you wish.

Here is an added BONUS:

If you UPGRADE your ad and start sending new signups, you get to keep the upgraded ad until you no longer wish to promote your referral link. Your upgraded ad will then fall off the board and expire when you run out of bumps.

Just by placing your link in your social media accounts, website or blog will keep your ad running indefinitely.

I hope this was simple enough for everyone to understand.

It only takes 2 minutes to place an ad.

Please stop by and place your ad now!


Len Palmer - Admin FreeAdSystem.net

P.S. It's okay to add any links with your comments here on the blog. 👌😁

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